Activating Plugins

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Plugins must be installed first to use see instructions [HERE] on how to do so.
In order to install plugins on your wordpress site, you must be on a hosted site either 3rd party or hosted with clicksold and on a silver plan or higher [Clicksold pricing/features].
If you are on a free WPMU (Word Press Multi User/Non-Hosted) free site you will not be able to install additional plugins.

  • NOTE: Clicksold does not provide support for 3rd party plugins, if you have questions on their use please contact the maker of the plugin. In the case of a conflict between Clicksold and another plugin we will do our best to correct any issues with Clicksold to make it work, but if issue resides in the 3rd part plugin we wil be unable to correct any issues and you will need to contact the creator.

To activate a plugin that has been installed on your WordPress site just follow these easy steps.

  1. Log Into your dashboard
  2. Click on Plugins
    Plug menu.png
  3. When the plugin list loads locate the plugin you wish to activate.
  4. Place your mouse over Activate and click
  5. Plugin will then be activated, depending on the plugin there may be settings you can now set.