Add and use Tags for grouping Listings

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Creating and using tags will allow you to group selected listings in saved search-by-code searches.

Adding/Editing Tags

  • In the My Listings section, select the Tags tab.
  • To add a tag, type the name into the form and click on Submit. The tag will be added to the above table.
  • To edit or delete a tag, select the tag from the table and the form will allow you to edit the name or delete the tag altogether. Note that deleting a tag will also disassociate listings that have that tag. Clicking on Cancel will revert the form back for adding tags.

Assigning Tags To Listings

  • In the My Listings section, select the listing you want to tag.
  • Click on the Tags tab.
  • Select one or more tags from the unassigned select area and click on the right arrow between the select areas to move the tag(s) into the assigned select area and click on the Save button to save your changes. Do the reverse to unassign tags.
  • To select or deselect multiple tags from the select areas, hold down the Ctrl button while clicking.

Creating Searches with Tags

  • While logged in and at the front of your site, navigate to your Listings page.
  • Below the search options, click on the Extra Listings Search Filters link to open the search filters section.
  • Select one or more tags for the search to use, and click on the Apply Filters/Tags button to update the search. Hold the Ctrl button while clicking to select/deselect tags.
  • Click on the Save Current Search Options area to generate a link to your saved search.