An Important Message for all Designers and Affiliates

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ClickSold offers a generous affiliate plan to graphics designers, SEO companies, office managers and brokers interested in introducing ClickSold to their customers. We pay a referral percentage to affiliates for all revenues we generate from their referrals, in perpetuity!

How it Works

Step 1. Become an affiliate.
Step 2. Sign up new customers for ClickSold and design them a website.
Step 3. Profit!

Step 1. Become an Affiliate

Follow these easy steps to become an affiliate:

  1. Sign up to become an affiliate here:
  2. You will receive an email which includes in it an "affiliate link", which looks something like this:
    (It's purpose is to tell us who you are when you sign up a new client with ClickSold so that we know who to pay out the commission to.)
  3. Wait for our approval in the next day or two. After you receive it, you are an official affiliate and you can start using your affiliate key to sign up new customers. You will also be added to our affiliate map here so that Realtors can find you and contact you regarding designing them a website.

Step 2. Sign up new customers for ClickSold and design them a website.

Because you were added to the Affiliates Map page, you may automatically start receiving calls from Realtors who want you to design them a ClickSold website. Alternatively, you can also seek them out yourself. Realtors always want an attractive website which will help their overall image and generate success for them in their industry.

When you are ready to build a website for someone, follow these steps:

  1. Use the affiliate link that you received (the one that looks like, to sign the Realtor up with ClickSold. Make sure to use the Realtor's information (not your own). Note that if you use the Realtor's email address, they will need to forward you the Account information email which contains the login credentials for the website.
  2. Build them a website
  3. Make sure that they upgrade their product. This is how you will make commission. The most common upgrade package is "Platinum" which gives them IDX/MLS Integration (aka every listing from their Real Estate Board).

Step 3. Profit!

Now for the good part. On top of the amount you have billed the Realtors to design them a website, you will also make commission from us after they've upgraded their product. The more active clients you have that have upgraded, the higher the percentage of commission you will make:

  • If you have 1-10 active ClickSold clients, you will earn 5% of their monthly payment.
  • If you have 11-50 active ClickSold clients, you will earn 10% of their monthly payment.
  • If you have 51-100 active ClickSold clients, you will earn 15% of their monthly payment.
  • If you have 101+ active ClickSold clients, you will earn 20% of their monthly payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why are you looking for graphics designers/affiliates?"

Realtors always want an attractive website which will help their overall image and generate success for them in their industry. That's where you come in!

"Will this gain me more exposure?"

Yes. We advertise you on our website and through other social media outlets. We also have 1000′s of Realtors looking for great people to work with and we would like to refer them out to you.

"Tell me more about your web products"

What we offer are Realtor websites built on top of the WordPress platform. The website allows for the use of the WordPress plugin library and our themes OR your very own custom themes! It's an idea set up for designers who are already working (or want to work) with Realtors on their branding. Now you can create beautiful custom websites that have your clients listings being pulled automatically onto the website.

"Please show me REAL examples of ClickSold websites"

Here is one of our ClickSold clients:

We also have many great Demo sites the showcase the range of what these sites can do. Below are a few links:


Personal Listing Display:

"Where do I insert my affiliate number?"

There is no affiliate #, its a key that you get which is in the link to the Clicksold sign up page. Give this link to your clients and when they sign up the key allows us to know that they are working with or that they were referred by you.

"I have an affiliate link, now what?"

Now that you have a link all that you need to do is make sure when you are working with a Realtor or Broker you have them sign up with ClickSold using this link. Then once they start to get on to a billing cycle you get a % of that revenue.

"Is there a test site I can work on?"

Yes. Before you can receive a test site you must fill out the affiliate form and be an active ClickSold Affiliate:

Once you have done this sign up for a free ClickSold site:

Then email and within 24 business hours, we will enable convert your free site to a non-restricted test website.

  • Please note the only thing not included in the test site, is the IDX feed.

"What are the Affiliate profits?"

To see how the commission works, please see above or click here.

"How often do I get paid out?"

Every month, you will receive a statement and the revenue for the month.

"How does your pricing work for Realtors?"

The prices ranges from free to $59 a month. On average most Realtors will go for the $59 a month. This provides them with a site that has a full integration with there MLS. It's also includes the "hosted option" which allows designers/Realtors to go in and update skins, themes and download additional plugins.

"When do my clients get billed for upgrading?"

As soon as they upgrade, the credit card is processed during the upgrade. Their site will not be upgraded if the payment does not go through.

"Please let me know more about the suite of online tools"

ClickSold automatically pulls listing data from the MLS (photos, listing description, etc). As for Virtual Tours, they must be created separately and then attached to the Listing manually. There is a “ClickSold Feature Listing Widget” which will display the Realtor’s listings in a slideshow format. There are several more widgets that can also be added to the website, for a full list please visit the “ClickSold Widgets” section of this page:

"Can I connect my existing Realtor websites to the MLS?"


"Can I sign up clients or do they have to sign up themselves?"

That depends on how you wish to do it. You can sign up multiple clients using your own e-mail or ask them to sign up themselves using theirs.

"How do you know it's my client when they sign up?"

Any client signing up to ClickSold by using your affiliate link will be automatically credited to your affiliate account as your affiliate link contains your unique affiliate key.

"What should I consider when selecting a custom theme?"

First and foremost, always remember that all ClickSold websites come with 5 beautiful and very flexible themes that you can choose from. You can learn more about how to apply them on the Changing the Theme page. If you are a designer or affiliate building a ClickSold website and prefer to use a custom theme, there are a few things you should take into consideration when selecting your theme.

  1. Beware of custom themes that have another real estate framework in them. They will not work automatically with ClickSold websites.
    ClickSold has its own built-in Features (widgets, etc) that you should instead take full advantage of.
    Here are a couple of examples with their solutions below:

    • Example 1: Themes with built-in drop down menus

      ClickSold's solution to Example 1:
      ClickSold has a much faster and convenient solution called the "ClickSold Listing Quick Search Widget", example pictured here:
      The instructions for adding this Widget are found here.

    • Example 2: Themes with feature listing displays

      ClickSold's solution to Example 2:
      All ClickSold Websites are armed with the "ClickSold Feature Listing Widget", example pictured here:
      You can add this widget an unlimited amount of times to any widget container. The instructions for adding this Widget are found here.

"Is your platform compatible with 3rd party products like Obeo?"

With WordPress, almost anything is possible! You can embed custom codes into the website very easily.

"What happens if I lose my affiliate link?"

Email and she can resend it to you.