Attach PDF file to a Listing

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Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed as it is required for uploading PDF's. You can get it free from

To Attach PDF file(s) to a Listing:

  1. Make sure you've logged into your ClickSold Dashboard and then on the left panel select ClickSold -> My Listings

  2. Locate and select the applicable listing.
  3. Click on the "PDF Upload" tab.
  4. Click the "Add PDF Files" button. If you get a blank window, please install Java which you can get free from
  5. Click "Browse".
  6. Select the PDF File from your computer and click "Open".
  7. Click "Upload" and wait for the file to completely upload.
    • Afterwards, you can set the description to something relevant if you want (recommended). Be sure to save your changes.
    • If you've uploaded multiple PDF files, you can sort them afterwards by dragging them up or down into the desired order.