Brokerage Websites

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What are Brokerage Websites?

Brokerage websites are for designed for a whole office, or multiple offices within the same real estate board.

What's included in a Brokerage Website?

The brokerage website is exactly like a normal agent website, except for the following 4 changes:

  • The main Listings page will show all of the brokerages listings.
  • The "My Team" section is removed from the Clicksold panel because it is no longer needed, and the following 2 new sections are added:

  • An "Associates" Page is added for the public to see, which includes photos and contact info:

  • Each associate gets their very own Profile Page which includes their photo, contact details, bio and all of their listings

How to Upgrade to a Brokerage Website

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard and on the left panel click the Clicksoldpanelbutton.png button.
  2. Click on the My ClickSold Package tab.
  3. Enable the "Brokerage ($15.00)" option.
  4. Click Submit to save the changes.