Changing the Theme

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Pre-installed Themes

Below contains quick setup guides for each pre-installed theme that comes standard with your ClickSold website.

Associate Theme

Quick Setup Guide


Balance Theme

Quick Setup Guide


Eleven40 Theme

Quick Setup Guide


Fabric Theme

Quick Setup Guide


Lifestyle Theme

Quick Setup Guide


Custom Themes

Note: ClickSold's "Hosted" option is required for adding custom themes.
The instructions for how to get the ClickSold Hosted option are found here.

If you have ClickSold's Hosted option, you can create your own theme from scratch, or download and install one of the other 1500+ themes from the WordPress website.

ClickSold is written according to the word press best practices guidelines and relies on themes to implement these to fully function. Unfortunately it is not possible to verify that a particular theme will work seamlessly without trying it out.