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Example of the ClickSold Feature Listing Widget

The "ClickSold Feature Listing Widget" displays a your listings in a randomly rotating slideshow.

How to add the ClickSold Feature Listing Widget

  1. To access this area, make sure you've logged into your ClickSold Dashboard and in the left panel select Appearance -> Widgets

  2. Drag the "ClickSold Feature Listing Widget" to the Side Bar or Footer of your choice

  3. If desired, adjust any of the following settings:
    • Title
    • What will appear in the widget header bar.
    • Number of listings shown at once.
    • Will increase number of listings shown in widget, will stack on top of each other. there is no horizontal option at this time.
    • Show Listings From Section
      • Office if No Personal Listings (default)
      • Just Personal Listings
      • All Office Listings
    • Show Listing Type
      • All Available (default)
      • Residential
      • Land
      • Commercial Only
      • All But Commercial
    • Cycle Frequency (min 1000 ms) - default is 10000, which is 10 seconds
    • Show listings with status*
    • All
    • Active(defualt)
    • Sold
    • BSSOLD
    • Sold & BSSOLD
    • Min/Max listing contatiner width/height
    • used to set min and max size of featured listings containers, requires indicating PX or % (I.E. 200px).
    • Note: sizing can still be over ridden by some themes/templates styling so may not function in all cases.

  4. Click Savewidget.png at bottom when you are done. The ClickSold Feature Listing Widget will show up immediately on your website.