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Example of the ClickSold Mobile Site Widget

The "ClickSold Mobile Site Widget" displays a button that leads people to the Mobile Site.

How to add the ClickSold Mobile Site Widget

  1. To access this area, make sure you've logged into your ClickSold Dashboard and in the left panel select Appearance -> Widgets

  2. Drag the "ClickSold Mobile Site Widget" to the Side Bar or Footer of your choice

  3. Set the following parameters:
    • Default Image or Custom Image - If you choose custom, follow the onscreen instructions to upload a new image.
    • Alt Text - set the text that is displayed if someone decides to hover the mouse on top of the image.
    default: Mobile Version
    • Small Text - set the small text that appears at the top of the widget.
    default: Search Real Estate on Your
    • Large Text - set the large text that appears below the small text. The default is
    default: Mobile Device

  4. Click Savewidget.png at bottom when you are done. The ClickSold Mobile Site Widget will show up immediately on your website.