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Example of the ClickSold VIP Widget

The "ClickSold VIP Widget" adds the ClickSold VIP feature (register & sign-in, etc.) to any of your pages.

How to add the ClickSold VIP Widget

  1. To access this area, make sure you've logged into your ClickSold Dashboard and in the left panel select Appearance -> Widgets

  2. Drag the "ClickSold VIP Widget" to the Side Bar or Footer of your choice

  3. Set the following parameters:
    • Title - Set an optional widget title. The default is "VIP Options".
    • Hide VIP Options when logged out - default setting is enabled in order to save space. However if you want to tease your clients by exposing the rest of the options (Account, Saved Searches, Favorite Listings, Market Analyzer) then you should disable it.

  4. Click Savewidget.png at bottom when you are done. The ClickSold VIP Widget will show up immediately on your website.