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Contact From Clients

While Clicksold does not provide you with an email account, you will still be able to be contacted
by your clients by a few means...

  1. Via inquiry forms on listings. Clients can click the inquiry by email link to fill out a form to let you know their interest in a property and to book a showing if they choose.
    Inquire1.png or Inquire2.png
  2. Via email me link on your profile widget (requires a valid email be filled out in set up). This will open a email using the clients email client on their system if configured.
  3. Via text message, if a client sends a message from anything on the site, and you have your mobile number and mobile provider set in your profile if it is supported by your provider you will also receive a SMS notification of messages sent. NOTE: not all providers deliver these message, so Clicksold cannot guarantee functionality of this feature. IF you wish to not receive these notifications, you can simply remove your mobile number or change the provider drop down to a provider other than yours. ( there will be an update to this to actually disable this in the near future).