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Creating/Adding a New Email Address

Creating a new email account through the Clicksold Dashboard is incredibly simple:

  1. Make sure you've Logged into your site
  2. Click On the Clicksold menu
  3. Click on My Emails
  4. Click the Add Email link on the left-hand side. This will open an add email window
  5. In the window, fill in the information for the email account you wish to create. The fields are:
    • Name: This is the part of the address that will come before the @ symbol
    • Domain Name List: This is the part of the address that will come after the @ symbol. If you have more than one registered RPM domain name, you can select the one you want associated with the email from the drop-down list.
    • Name: The full name of the account’s user
    • Password: A case-sensitive alpha-numeric password. This password will be used for accessing the email account via Webmail, or through an email program such as Outlook or Outlook Express.
  6. Once all the fields are filled in, click Submit and the email account will be created. It will be active and usable immediately after being created