Create a Custom Page/Menu for Communities

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1. Log into Dashboard.
2. Go To Page > Add New

3. Enter the name you want to use in the title bar. Ex. "My Communities"

4. Click Publish.
5. Go to Appearance > Menus

6. Under Pages, select the "My Communities"

7. Click "Add to Menu"

      • Note: it will be added to the bottom of the list, you can then drag it to the location you want, be sure to click save menu

8. Goto your Site, and go to Communities
9. Locate the community you want and click on it. 10. Copy the URL from the address bar, without the HTTP:// Copy.png
11. Go back to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus
12. Under Custom Links paste your URL after the Http://

13. Fill out the name in the label box.
14. Click Add To Menu
15. Locate new menu at bottom.
16. Drag below the "My Communities" menu item and then drag right to indent and click save menu.

17. Repeat steps 8-16 until you have lll the communities in place.

    • Note You can also create a further layer of menus by dragging another item under and to the right of an existing sub-menu.
    • This could be used for creating a menu of Areas and then the communities within them.