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Example of a broken theme Listings page
If you are using a custom theme, and you notice that some or all of the ClickSold pages (Listings, MLS Search, and Communities pages) look broken, here are a few recommendations to try.

1. Verify that your custom theme is built to the proper WordPress specifications

Here are a few examples of real issues that users have dealt with so far.

jQuery - The ClickSold plugin relies on jQuery, and if your theme is not built to the proper WordPress specs, it's likely the ClickSold plugin will be broken or behave erratically with your theme.
wp_head() and wp_footer() - In order for all of the scripts and widgets to work properly, you must have a call to wp_head() before the closing header tag (in header.php), and you must have a call to wp_footer() before the closing body tag (in footer.php).
Other Theme Frameworks - Ensure that your theme doesn't add extra html to the views supplied to the plugin, otherwise the view may look broken or not work at all. Also make sure your theme doesn't automatically hide the content section of blank pages - our views are inserted into the page during the loop process so it is normal for these pages to be initially blank.

More suggestions - Please check out the WordPress guide on Theme Development for more possible fixes, or if you believe the problem may be on the ClickSold side of things, please contact support.

2. Contact the manufacturer of the theme that you purchased

Most of the time, themes manufacturers will have forums and technical support for themes that they sell. This support is usually provided for free as long as you have purchased the theme from them. Hopefully they will be able to assist you with bringing the theme up to WordPress standards (as mentioned in step 1).

3. Have a professional web designer fix the problem

If the above suggestion didn't help or you do not know how to fix the problem yourself, you will need to see a profession web designer to help you resolve the problem. You are free to find or hire a designer on your own, or you can check out our affiliates

4. Ask ClickSold to perform a diagnostic on your theme

A diagnostic takes 1 hour and costs $125+tax. Payment must be received first, after that we schedule the diagnostic as soon as possible. If a solution is found, we will email you the instructions for how to fix it. Please note that there is no guarantee that ClickSold will be able to resolve the problem, nor can we be held responsible if the theme breaks again. Please contact support if you'd like to pursue this option. ClickSold reserves the right to refuse a diagnostic request for any reason.

5. Use a different theme

If all else fails, try using another theme. There are an abundance of other real estate themes out there that you can try using. A few of the known working ones that are up to today's WordPress standards, are:

  • Associate Theme
  • Eleven40 Theme
  • Fabric Theme
  • Lifestyle Theme
  • Balance Theme
  • Twenty Eleven Theme