Domains Setup - How to Add and Point Your Domain Name(s)

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NOTE: This page only applies if you host the site through ClickSold.

Your ClickSold website comes with a free sub-domain which you can use to access your website.

Your sub-domain address is in this structure:
This guide will show you how to set up your custom domain.

Note: ClickSold's "Silver" package or higher is required for adding custom domains.
The instructions for how to get the ClickSold's Silver Package or Higher are found here.

1. Getting a Domain Name

If you don't own a domain name yet
If you already own a domain name and you have full control of it
  • You can proceed to step 2 below for instructions on pointing it to ClickSold.
If you already own domain name but it is still with your previous website host
  • You will need to have your previous website host release your domain into your control by completing a domain transfer.
  • You may be required to setup an account with a registrar, such as, in order to complete the transfer.
  • The instructions for transferring a domain into a account are found here.
  • Feel free to contact 24/7 Sales & Technical Support at (480) 624-2500 for help with your domain transfer.

Once you have full control of your domain, you can proceed to step 2 below for instructions on pointing it to ClickSold.

2. Pointing your Domain Name to ClickSold

Please log into your registrar domain control panel and set the Name Servers (DNS) for your domain to these specific settings:
If you need help pointing your domain, please contact your registrar.
  • Note: It should typically take 2 to 48 hours for your changes to take effect (it depends on your registrar)
  • Note: If you require our IP Address for pointing your domain, it is

3. Add Your Domain to your ClickSold Dashboard

Please make a selection from the following 2 options: