Draw Search Area

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Draw Search Area

1. Click the new "Draw Search Area" Button on the MlS-Search Map.

2. Click on map to draw a polygon to custom define search area. ( must be closed off )

    • Please note that when displaying listing icons the map will group available properties

into single icons depending on the zoom level, selecting areas with draw search area may split some of these groups apart,making it look like it is showing listings that were not there before. Let your clients know this if they inquire.

Using with search by code feature

  1. Create your polygon
  2. Zoom in so map is focused on this area if you like. ( will make search look better )
  3. Select additional search parameters from search options.
  4. Select List View if you want to show the list instead of map.
  5. Click on the yellow "Save current search options" bar (will take a moment to open no worries)
  6. Copy the short code which you can then add to a blank page or to and existing page
  7. Alternately you can copy the link to create a menu link in Wordpress