Facebook Page Listings Integration

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Add the tab to your page

You can add the Listings integration tab to your page by clicking on the following link in a new tab (Middle click). NOTE: You must be logged into your facebook profile in this browser, if you see a blank page please make sure that you are viewing facebook using your profile and not your page's profile.


Select the page that you wish the listings tab to appear on and click ok.

01 add app cs.png

The page id of your page is displayed in the url bar as noted in the image. Note it down we'll need it shortly. Once done, you can close this tab.

02 thank you cs.png

Enter your page id

Now enter the page id you noted down into your admin area.

03 enter page id cs.png

Editing The Tab title

From your page select Settings

04 edit tab title.png

Select Apps

05 edit tab title.png

Click Edit Settings

06 edit tab title cs.png

Fill in the page tab name that you wish to use

07 edit tab title cs.png