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Your ClickSold website is a powerful business generating tool which, when used properly, can generate a dramatic amount of new business for you.

Your Website and Your Business

Your website is a Virtual Office, intended to completely integrate with your real estate business. It is designed to:

1. Automate Buyer Searching

If you are eligible for MLS Integration, be sure to upgrade to the platinum package, allowing visitors to access all MLS data available in your area. You can confidently direct your buyers to search for properties through your website, bypassing the often inconvenient and time-consuming process of searching for them manually.

2. Promote Your Listings

Your website will automatically download your listings from your MLS, complete with photos. You can compliment your listings by adding additional photos, PDF files, and other information.

3. Keep in Constant Contact with Past, Present and Prospective Customers

Keep in touch with your sphere of influence and increase your conversions.

4. Automate Listing Presentations

Including your Listing Presentation on your website is a powerful way to:

  • Impress potential customers
  • Reduce costs
  • Promote your services more efficiently and consistently


In order to generate new business from your website, you'll need to advertise it effectively. Advertising your website is usually cheaper and easier than conventional advertising avenues. The following are great ways you should start advertising your website:

  • Tell everyone about it - friends, family, customers, colleagues
  • Make sure it's on ALL of your literature: business cards, billboards, house signs, mailouts/flyers

The following article provides proven advertising strategies:

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking higher in search engines will increase traffic to your website and can be incredibly beneficial to the success of your website and your business. Many Realtors generate the majority of their business from a good website ranking well in search engines. For more on ranking in search engines, please see the following article: