Get Listings from Your MLS® - Midwest Real Estate Data LLC (MREDLLC)

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MREDLLC is IDX-supported for MLS® Integration. Follow the rest of these steps to complete the upgrade.

Step 2. How to Upgrade to the Platinum Package
  1. Log into your Website and on the left panel click the Clicksoldpanelbutton.png button.

  2. Click on the My ClickSold Package tab.

  3. Change the Tier to "Platinum"

  4. From the IDX drop-down list, select "Chicago".

  5. Select an Agent and if required fill out their Agent ID and Brokerage ID.

    • Note: You can locate your proper Agent ID and Brokerage ID in MLXchange (or your MLS® client) by pulling up one of your listings and looking at the Agent ID & Brokerage ID fields. In Chicago, Agent ID's are typically in 123456 format, and Brokerage ID's are typically 12345 format. If you still cannot locate your Agent ID or Brokerage ID, please leave those fields blank for now and email, preferably with an example of one of your past or present MLS® Numbers so that we can look it up for you.

  6. Click Submit to save the changes.