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ClickSold IDX for WordPress supports the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). This page aims to guide you through the entire process of getting IDX functioning on a WordPress website.


About IDX

What is IDX?

"IDX" stands for Internet Data Exchange and it is the ability to display MLS® listings from cooperating brokerages onto your website, also known as brokerage reciprocity. ClickSold provides this service for the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB).

How to Obtain IDX[edit]

To obtain IDX functionality you will need 3 basic things:

  1. A WordPress Website
  2. The ClickSold IDX Plugin for WordPress
  3. Approval from TREB for ClickSold to provide you IDX/VOW services
  4. ClickSold's Platinum Package Upgrade
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Getting A WordPress Website[edit]

You may obtain a WordPress website in 1 of 2 ways:

Option 1. Through ClickSold[edit]
Create a New WordPress Website through us for FREE!


<a class="click_open" href="#hostCS"><img src="/wiki/images/6/6d/Expand.png" alt="Expand.png"></html>How to Create a New Website Through ClickSold<html><img src="/wiki/images/6/6d/Expand.png" alt="Expand.png">


  1. Go to and fill out the sign-up form. As soon as the account is setup, your site link as well as your user credentials will also be displayed in your browser, and you will also receive an email with:
    » A link to your new website
    » A link to the Admin Login Page of your website
    » The Admin User Name
    » The Admin Password
    » A link to the User Manual
  2. Now that you have everything you need, you may now begin building your website.



Option 2. Using A 3rd Party Provider[edit]

If you plan on using a 3rd party WordPress website provider (you already have a WordPress website want to keep using it), please check our Problem WP Hosts page first to verify that there are no known issues with your WordPress host

Which website provider should you use?
If you need help deciding which website provider to use, here is a comparison:


<a class="click_open" href="#decideHost"><img src="/wiki/images/6/6d/Expand.png" alt="Expand.png"></html>Read the differences here<html><img src="/wiki/images/6/6d/Expand.png" alt="Expand.png">


ClickSold 3rd party hosting
  • Includes all 5 premium StudioPress WordPress Themes seen here:
Associatesample.jpg  Balancesample.jpg  Eleven40sample.jpg  Fabricsample.jpg  Lifestylesample.jpg
Note: Click on any theme to see it's full-sized demo
  • Guaranteed to work as these themes are built to the WordPress standard specs and have been optimized for ClickSold.
  • They are highly flexible and you can change them anytime.
  • You can use your own custom themes.
  • If you like the themes that come pre-installed with ClickSold can be purchased directly from StudioPress.
Custom Add-ons
  • Gain more control over your themes, including add the ability to install your own themes with ClickSolds "Hosted" option (*$14/month add-on).
  • The Hosted option moves your WordPress installation from ClickSold's Multi-User account and gives you your own space, thus allowing you to install your own custom 3rd party plugins, themes, and widgets, etc.
  • You may add the Hosted option upgrade any time later or also remove it if you change your mind.
  • There are a few known 3rd party add-ons that do not work with ClickSold. Please check the List of Incompatible Plugins page first if there are any add-ons that you know that you will needing.
Custom Add-ons
  • Most 3rd party WordPress websites should be able to install their own custom 3rd party plugins, themes, and widgets, etc., however you may want to double check that with your 3rd party website host.
  • There may also be a few incompatible plugins. The best thing to do is install ClickSold's plugin, and if there is a problem



Installing the ClickSold IDX Plugin[edit]

You may obtain a WordPress website in 1 of 2 ways:

How to Install the ClickSold IDX Plugin[edit]


<a class="click_open" href="#host3rdParty"><img src="/wiki/images/6/6d/Expand.png" alt="Expand.png"></html>How to install the ClickSold IDX Plugin onto an Existing WordPress Website<html><img src="/wiki/images/6/6d/Expand.png" alt="Expand.png">


  1. (In WordPress) Go to Plugins -> Add New, then type "ClickSold" in the Search box and click Search Plugins.
    ClickSold IDX will appear in the search results.
  2. Click "Install Now" and "OK" to confirm. After it's installed click "Activate Plugin".
  3. Click the Clicksoldpanelbutton.png button which should now appear in the left column of your WordPress panel (if you don't see it, refresh the page).
  4. Scroll down and fill out the sign-up form.
    You will receive an email which contains the "Plugin Key" and "Plugin Number".
  5. Enter the "Plugin Key" and "Plugin Number" you received from the email into the appropriate fields.
    In the "Plugin Domain Name" field, enter the domain name of where you're using the ClickSold plugin (don't worry if you're using a test site, you can always change this later).
    When entered correctly, the Plugin Status will change to Authorized and the ClickSold plugin becomes immediately usable.



 .hideMeSlideMe iframe,   .hideMeSlideMe ul {margin:15px 0}

.mortgage_info li { margin:0 0 15px 0; } </style>

 <script type="text/javascript">
   $(function () {
       if($($(this).attr('href')).length == 0){
        alert('Contianer ' + $(this).attr('href') + ' does not exist'); 
       return false;


Upgrading to ClickSold's Platinum Package[edit]

Upgrading to ClickSold's Platinum Package is the last major step in getting IDX support for your website. Want to demo our Platinum package first? If so, select "Platinum (Demo)" option during the upgrade. The listing data will be obscured but you will receive all of the modules and can work on the styling, etc.

After upgrading to ClickSold's Platinum Package, ClickSold's very powerful MLS-Search module is added (among other features), giving your clients the ability to search the MLS® from your website.

What's included

Here contains a list of key changes that will happen after upgrading from the free package to ClickSold's Platinum Package:
  • Listings - this page is now capable of displaying MLS listings that you specify
  • MLS-Search - ClickSold's powerful MLS-Search module is added, giving clients the ability to search the MLS® from your website.
  • Communities - ClickSold's SEO-friendly Communities module is added. It is used as an alternate (and sometimes the preferred) method of browsing listings. It is also very useful for extracting links for listings from specific areas from.
  • Custom Searches - The ability to create custom searches using the MLS-Search and/or Communities module becomes available.
  • Shortcodes - More shortcodes are added, allowing you to insert any listing, ClickSold module, or custom search onto any page.
  • Widgets & More - Additional widgets & other applicable settings become available.
  • Update Frequency - MLS® listings are updated by ClickSold every hour, automatically.

Submit the proper paperwork to TREB

This step must be completed before you can upgrade, however you may skip this step for now if you only want to try out the products first.

NOTE: As of December 31st 2014 TREB no longer accepts the paper forms, please access their site below to fill out the necessary forms
Members can access TREB's new TREB Online Agreements system to enter their URLS for their websites:

  1. Open in browser:
  2. Under the Active Agreements tab, if they scroll to the bottom there is a hyperlink for Active Legacy Agreements.
  3. Once in the list under IDX Data Feed Agreements click the hyperlinked name to view, from there is a hyperlink Update URLs.

This will allow simple access to update your URLs for your IDX websites and on submission will email your Broker of Record to approve your URLs.

  • NOTE: Clicksold does not have access to this site or the forms, and we will be unable to assit with issues on TREB's site. You can get assistance from the following email or contact number -- or contact IDX Administrator at (416) 443-8000 x8047.

Once TREB reviews it, they will send their approval to us. If they send it to you, please forward it to us at

How to Upgrade to the Platinum Package

Follow the rest of these steps to complete the upgrade.
  1. Log into your Website and on the left panel click the Clicksoldpanelbutton.png button.

  2. Click on the My ClickSold Package tab.

  3. Change the Tier to "Platinum"

  4. From the IDX drop-down list, select "TREB".

  5. Select an Agent and if required fill out their Agent ID and Brokerage ID.

    • Note: You can locate your proper Agent ID and Brokerage ID in MLXchange (or your MLS® client) by pulling up one of your listings and looking at the Agent ID & Brokerage ID fields. If you still cannot locate your Agent ID or Brokerage ID, please leave those fields blank for now and email, preferably with an example of one of your past or present MLS® Numbers so that we can look it up for you.

  6. Click Submit to save the changes.

After Upgrading

Here are a few tips to ensure everything runs smoothly after the upgrade.

Delete the Demo Listing

You should delete the $1 demo listing if you have not already done so.
  1. Make sure you've logged into your ClickSold Dashboard and then on the left panel select ClickSold -> :My Listings

  2. Locate the demo listing and press the delete icon. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Add Your Listings

  1. In the left panel select ClickSold -> My Listings
  2. Click on the "Add MLS® Listing" tab
  3. From here, you may search for MLS#'s so that they appear on your /listings page. When the listing appears in the search results, click on it and then press report listing as "Normal Listing"
  4. Repeat the process until all of your listings are added.

Update Your Profile

It is crucial that your profile is accurate, as it will affect which listings are displayed and how they are displayed.
How to Update Your Contact Information

Add Your Profile Photos

There are 2 places you should add your photo.
How To Add Your Profile Photos

Add Your Domain Names If Necessary

Personalize your domain name. This does not apply if you are hosting with a 3rd party.
How To Add Your Domain Name(s)

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Contact Support

... if you have difficulties with any of the above steps, please contact support.
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