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Active plugin on a new site

(Moving from one site to another)

Before proceeding, please check that there are no known issues with your WordPress host on this page: Problem WP Hosts

To install the ClickSold plugin onto your existing WordPress website, follow these steps:

  1. (In WordPress) Go to Plugins -> Add New, then type "ClickSold" in the Search box and click Search Plugins.
    ClickSold IDX will appear in the search results.
  2. Click "Install Now" and "OK" to confirm. After it's installed click "Activate Plugin".
  3. Click the Clicksoldpanelbutton.png button which should now appear in the left column of your WordPress panel (if you don't see it, refresh the page).
  4. Click My Account
  5. Click Plugin Activation
  6. Enter the "Plugin Key" and "Plugin Number" from your old site.
    In the "Plugin Domain Name" field, enter the domain name of where you're using the ClickSold plugin (don't worry if you're using a test site, you can always change this later).
    When entered correctly, the Plugin Status will change to Authorized and the ClickSold plugin becomes immediately usable.