How to Change the Website Banner

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If the theme you are using has a banner and you would like to change it, follow this guide. Some of the themes already have multiple banners available. You can easily switch to one of them, OR upload your own custom banner image by following these steps:

  1. Log into your website and go to Appearance -> Header
    • Note: If you do not have a "Appearance -> Header" option, that means you cannot change your header unless you activate a new theme first in the Appearance -> Theme section

  2. If multiple banners exist, you can choose one from the Default Images section.

    • Alternatively, if you prefer to upload your own custom image, click Browse2.jpg and select the replacement image from your computer.
      After that, click Upload2.jpg and wait for the file to finish uploading. If required, position the image so that it gets cropped to fit into your website
      Click Cropandpublish.jpg to save the cropping selection.

  3. Enable the "Display Text" option if you would like your title and slogan to appear in the banner.

  4. Click Savechanges.jpg to use the new banner.