How to Upgrade Your ClickSold Package

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ClickSold Products window

Upgrading your ClickSold Package is easy! Please follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Log into your website and in the left panel click on the "ClickSold" button.

  2. Click on the "My ClickSold Package" tab.

  3. Make your upgrade selections in the Product Configuration:

      └ This is your main package. Available options are:
    • Bronze ($0.00/mo.) - 5 Active Listings, 5 photos per listing
    • Platinum Demo ($0.00/mo.) - Test the Platinum package free of charge (listings data will be obscured).
    • Silver ($9.00/mo.) - 1 custom domain, 10 Active Listings, 10 photos per listing
    • Gold ($24.00/mo.) - Unlimited Active Listings, photos per listing, and custom domains
    • Platinum ($45.00/mo.) - *Recommended* Full MLS® Integration, Unlimited Active Listings, Unlimited photos per listing, Unlimited custom domains, Plus much much more!

      └ *this applies to the Platinum tier only
    Select the city or real estate board for MLS Integration.
    Select an Agent and if required fill out their Agent ID and Brokerage ID.
    Note: you can locate your proper Agent ID and Brokerage ID in MLXchange (or your MLS® client) by pulling up one of your listings and looking at the Agent ID & Brokerage ID fields. If you still cannot locate your Agent ID or Brokerage ID, please leave those fields blank for now and email, preferably with an example of one of your past or present MLS® Numbers so that we can look it up for you.

      └ These are miscellaneous add-ons. They can be added at anytime.
    • Brokerage ($15.00/mo.) - Gives you a full brokerage website, which designed for a whole office, or multiple offices within the same real estate board. The full details here.
    • Hosted ($14.00/mo.) - *Recommended* Gives you the ability to add your own custom WordPress widgets, plugins and themes. The Silver tier or higher required for this option.

  4. Click Submit to save the changes.