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To get to this set of tabs, you must use the Listings Manager to search for the listing and click on it in the list.



This tab will display the information clients can see about the listing, including photos, stats, and all the details available.

Edit Listing

  • This option will only appear on exclusive listings

This tab is used to edit the details of a listing that has been added tot he site as an exclusive listing.


This tab will display the photos from the listing sent by the board, you can also use this tab to upload extra photos beyond the boards limit or reorganize your existing ones.

Vr Tours

This tab will allow you to add a link to an existing Vr-Tour created for the listing, or add a series of photos to act as a slide show.

Open House (NEW)

This tab will allow your to enter details of up coming open houses on the listing, which will then display in the details of listing for clients to view.

Additional Info

Have a floor plan? or a brochure you want the client to have, use this tab to upload a pdf to attach to the listing. they can then download it and print it out.


Sometimes we get bad data from the board on a listing position and Google Maps places it in the wrong spot. Use this tab to correct the placement of the listings marker.

View Stats

This tab will display the number of times and what part of a site the listing has been displayed on.
This tracks across all sites not just yours, although for the most part the only place one of your listings would show up
on another persons site is the the MLS search, but it will still count this.