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Your ClickSold Website is based on North America’s leading technology and allows you to provide real estate services through the web. Your ClickSold Website forms the foundation of the ClickSold Success System, and can be combined with several easy-to-follow strategies to achieve a high level of performance and productivity.

Proven Success

ClickSold’s Success System is based on years of research into the habits of internet users, including their demands, needs and points of entry. ClickSold even contracted a private study to examine the best practices of Real Estate websites.

When applied properly, you should expect tangible results from the ClickSold Success System. Here are three actual examples of the strategies that were taken and the results that were generated:

  • ($500.00/month) - Strategy 5: Generated 10 new leads per month and one sale
  • ($200.00 - one time) - Strategy 6: Generated 15 new leads in one month
  • ($65.00 - one time) - Strategy 7: Generated 5 leads in one weekend

Customer Service

For clarification on any aspects of the marketing plan below, please feel free to contact our Customer Support department.

Generating Leads


Generating leads from your website relies on two simple but critical aspects:

  • Driving traffic
  • Providing services

Driving traffic to your website is important, but if there are no services on your site that differentiate you from your competitors then visitors will go elsewhere. Likewise, your website could provide all services possible but if no one visits then it won’t generate you any leads.

ClickSold allows you to provide a high-level of service and even ensures that your site is well-positioned to receive traffic. Relying on ClickSold’s promotional techniques alone will ensure that your website is profitable; however in most cases it will not take your website to the next level of success. Following one or more of the strategies below will ensure that your website becomes a critical and valued part of your business.

Key Website Services

Your Website provides several services that can add tremendous value to your clients’ buying and selling endeavors. For buyers, these include the following:

  • Technology that connects directly with your real estate board and synchronizes listing data every hour
  • An online Property Finder form for less technically savvy buyers
  • Critical buying information in the form of industry reports
  • Detailed listing information about all property in your region
  • Additional access to photos, maps, Google Earth™, listing status changes (price increase, price decrease, fell-through, back on market, etc.) and a host of other enriched information
  • Access to Commercial Listings if you are licensed commercially

For Sellers these include the following:

  • An online property evaluation form
  • Technology that allows home sellers to monitor property activity in their area: “Rolling Home Evaluation”
  • Enhanced listings presentation like slide shows, virtual tours, mapping, Google Earth™
  • Instant access to Realtor or through VIP Access

ClickSold's Approach

ClickSold understands that a successful Realtor has extremely limited time to work with their website. As a result, we have designed the ClickSold Success System to be simple, time-efficient, and maximally rewarding. Additionally, all techniques listed in this plan have been tested and have been demonstrated to produce results.

In every strategy listed below you will find a rating section giving an objective performance rating of each technique. This performance rating is designed to show you your involvement in the promotional technique with respect to financial and time commitments, as well as the types of results you should expect.

Marketing Strategies

The following are the marketing strategies that ClickSold recommends.

Strategy 1: Increased Search Engine Placement and Targeted Keywords



Search Engine Placement

It is becoming harder and harder to make sure your website has good placement on Internet search engine results. is by far the most popular search engine today and should be used as a good judge as to whether or not your Website has a good search engine ranking.

Some techniques to increase your standing in search engines are the following:

  • Frequently added and updated, industry specific, spell-checked content
    • Make sure that all language on your website is written well, identifies you as an expert in real estate and is check your grammatical correctness and spelling
    • Make sure to CONSTANTLY ADD PAGES to your website about market activity, events, neighborhood information, business information, etc. Make sure all of your content is related to Real Estate
  • Links to your site from other sites
    • Register your site with local, National and International sites. Even if your site is registered in a simple Real Estate article online, your search engine status will go up
  • Register your domain name for as many years as possible
    • GoogleTM has actually taken out a patent on technology to determine the number of years your domain name has been into the future.
  • Be patient. As your Website gets more traffic, it will naturally move up in the search engine rankings

Meta Tag Management

Managing is important for search engine ranking.


Although a great search engine placement can generate steady, money-making traffic to your website it is crucial that you DO NO UNDER-ESTIMATE THE DIFFICULTY IN ACHIEVING GOOD PLACEMENT. Oftentimes it is easy to achieve good placement for certain keywords, such as your name or office; unfortunately few people actually search with these keywords.

Contrary to popular belief, search engines cannot be tricked into thinking that your website should ranked higher than it does. Achieving good placement means that you’ll have to out-compete everyone else who is trying to do the same thing.

We recommend that if you pursue this method, you make sure to understand the effort that is involved. Make sure to read more about Search Engine Optimization before proceeding with this strategy.

Strategy 2: Submit Your Website URL to and Regularly Indexed Sites



Why Submit to These Sites

Submitting to is important because it will direct traffic from your existing listings to your website. This will generate interested buyer traffic and capture leads for you.


These techniques are so important that ClickSold decided to include service automatically with all new account setups as early as 2003. It is extremely important that potential clients be directed from and search engines to your website. Once there, they will find ClickSold's sophisticated search engine that will give them an edge on competing with other buyers and sellers in their market place.

It is also important that search engines be able to find your site. Without being linked-in, your site has little chance of being added to search engine directories and will hence miss out on some traffic. You should be patient, however, since search engine indexing behavior is not always consistent.

Strategy 3: Back-linking Your Website




This is the practice of 'linking from other websites to your website'. This is an important strategy to tell the world about your website and ultimately directing more traffic your way. Additionally this will assist with your search engine placement.

How to Back-Link

The following are examples of sites you can use to back-link to your Website:

Finding Places to Back-Link

Finding places to link to your site is the difficult part of this strategy. There are tens of thousands of places where you can link to your site from however it can be time-consuming and challenging to find these sites. The best way to locate back-link directories is to search for them at; use keywords like: “public real estate blog,” or, “business directories Canada,” etc.

How Many Back-Links

In order for this strategy to be successful you should try to create AT LEAST four or five new back-links each month. This could involve up to an hour of work every week.


This technique can be very successful, but requires a considerable time commitment. It is also important to choose directories and blogs that are already ranked in search engines.

Strategy 4: Use Listings to Attract Buyers and Buyers to Attract Listings



Public Listing Directories

In recent years several public classifieds websites have emerged that allow the general public to post goods and services for sale. Due to their free nature, these sites receive heavy amounts of traffic and exposure. The biggest two sites are:

What to Post

Using your property listings is straightforward: simply post basic details about your listing along with a link back to your website. You can include a photo of your property listing if you wish – just be sure to include your website URL in the posting.

Using your buyer listings (what your buyers are looking for) is a more creative way of using this strategy. This method allows you to leverage your buyers to attract more property listings. Simply post the basic details about your buyer and what they are looking for in the, wanted, section of the directory, along with a link back to the contact form on your website.


Loading all listings and buyers into directories can take a considerable amount of time, however the traffic generated from this strategy can be significant. Additionally this strategy is completely free and is relatively easy to do. If you do decide to use this strategy, be sure to commit to at least one month of consistent submissions.

Strategy 5: Use Pay Per Click Advertiser Solutions



What are Google AdWords?

Google is one of the most profitable companies in the world, and it’s not by accident. Using Google’s advertiser solutions you can create huge amounts of traffic to your site and make it instantly appear at the top of any search results you choose.

The most successful advertiser solution that Google provides is known a sponsored links. For more information, visit Other advertisers include:

How It Works

Google’s advertiser solutions operate on a pay-per-click policy. This means that you will be paying a small amount of money for each visitor to your site. You can specify the keywords for which you want your site to appear as well as limit your daily expenses by a maximum amount.

What To Do

The key to making this system work at an affordable rate is to select keywords that are off the beaten path, but still generate enough hits to supply your website with ample leads. For example, rather than choosing, “Edmonton Real Estate,” choose, “Edmonton Realtor,” or “Edmonton Houses for Sale.” These keyword combinations will be less expensive than other, more popular choices.

Another key is to use enticing language in your advertisement. Use phrases that advertise the most popular features of your website. Here are some good examples:

  • Search ALL Listings in the Calgary Area
  • Free Home Evaluation
  • Find out how much your home is worth
  • See all Vancouver MLS listings

To begin using Google Advertiser Solutions, simply go to and select, ‘Advertiser Programs,’ on the bottom left. On the next page select, ‘Google Adwords,’ then follow the instructions. We recommend that you assign a $10-$20 daily advertising budget to maximize your lead generation. It will take you about a month to finely tune this strategy to be maximally productive for you.


Using Google Adwords is by far the best way to create instant quality traffic to your website. The only downside to this strategy is the cost. Keep in mind, however, that you can control your daily budget.

Overall this strategy is one of the most successful and cost-effective ways of promoting your site.

Strategy 6: Classified Ads

Rating 8/10

Classified Ads

Using classified ads is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Interested buyers and sellers will be tempted to visit your site when they read a well-written classified ad advertising the key features of your site. Classified ads are also usually inexpensive and give a great return on investment.

What Ads to Use

Here are some examples of ads that you can use to promote your website:

Online MLS Access

Updated hourly, find new listings, foreclosures, and estate sales.

Estate Sales!

Looking for an estate sale home? Search all area estate sales.

New Listings!

Search online for new listings updated every hour.

Find All Acreages

Search acreages. Find every acreage for sale in the area.

New Listings!

Search online for new listings updated every hour.

Find All Acreages

Search acreages. Find every acreage for sale in the area.

E-Mail Notification!

Sign up for automatic e-mail notifications for new listings when they hit the market.

Hot New Listings

Updated Every Hour! View addresses, days on market, mapping!

Hot New Listings

Updated Every Hour! View addresses, days on market, mapping!

All MLS Listings

Updated Every Hour! View addresses, days on market, mapping!

Realtor MLS Access

Updated every hour, find new listings, foreclosures, and estate sales at the same time Realtors Do!

Find Buyers!

Find qualified buyers standing by to BUY YOUR Home Now! Find buyers on:


Classified ads generate large amounts of traffic when they are published. Classified ads are a great way to create interest in your site and are also very inexpensive. Overall this strategy is extremely effective in promoting your website.

Strategy 7: Direct Mail



Direct Mail

Including certain features of your website in your direct mailing campaigns can easily increase your return from them. Use the same ad concepts as in strategy 6 on your direct mailing flyers.

With a direct mailing strategy, consistency is the key. You should make sure that potential clients receive at least one piece of advertising from you each month for at least a year then begin slowing to about once every quarter.


Direct mailing of flyers and promotional information is one of the most effective ways of recruiting listings, and is not very effective at recruiting buyers. This technique can be expensive and often takes a long period of time before it pays off.

Overall, this technique should be used if you are farming a small area or you have a large advertising budget.



Investing in your real estate business is the secret to being successful. Be open-minded towards generating leads from the internet.

Some of the strategies listed above can be used by themselves but others are designed to be used in combination:

  • Strategies that can be used by themselves:
    • Strategies 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Strategies that should be combined:
    • Strategies 1, 2, 3

Search-Engine Strategy

If you want to increase your ranking in search engines then you should concentrate on strategies 1, 2 and 3. Combining these techniques will dramatically help your website achieve higher search engine rankings however you must be diligent in their application.

Instant Results Strategy

If you want to begin generating business from your website before the end of the day today, then you should aggressively pursue strategy 5, complimented this weekend with strategy 6. This will generate high volumes of visitors to your website and will generate you leads immediately.

Low-Tech Strategy

If you’re looking to promote your website in more traditional ways, you should follow strategies 6 and 7. These will generate good, steady traffic to your site without any technical involvement from you.