Modify an Associate

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You can modify an existing associate by following these procedures.

  1. Make sure you've logged into your website and from within the ClickSold menu select -> My Office

  2. Select the desired associate

  3. Make your desired changes.

    The following details the fields and their meanings:
    • Enter the first name, last name, and agent designation
    Contact Information
    • Enter as much contact info as you want to show up on the website.
    Board Information
    • Enter their Agent ID if you would like their listings to appear on their profile page.
    Profile & Other Options
    • Group - Select which Group they will belong into.
    • Description - This is where you can put the associates bio. HTML is okay to use here.
    • Display - Enabled by default. Disable if you want to hide the agent from showing on the website.

  4. Click submit when completed to save the changes.