Set A Primary Domain

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  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashnboard
  2. Click on ClickSold from the menu
    Clicksold Dash.png
  3. When the menu opens select My Domains
    Clicksold open.png
  4. Under 'My Domain Name Settings", open the drop down box and select domain you want as primary and click Save. The changes should take affect after a few minutes.
    • Leave the "Have secondary domains redirect to primary domain" option enabled
    • Leave the "Alternate Home Page" option disabled (unless you want your home pages landing page to be a sub-page on your website. (For more information on this visit this page)
    • Leave "Hide Alt. Home Page URL" disabled (it relates to the point above)
  5. Click Save. Allow a few minutes to take effect. You will know it's taken affect when you can access your ClickSold website directly by entering your domain name into a web browser, and your domain name displays correctly in the address bar.