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Example of the Social Profiles Widget

The Social Profiles widget displays social media buttons on your website, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
By default, the Social Profiles widget should be an active widget, so all you need to do is fill in the details.

How to add the Social Profiles Widget

  1. Make sure you've logged into your ClickSold Dashboard and in the left panel select Appearance -> Widgets

  2. Click the down arrow beside the Social Profiles widget (it should be in the "Header Right" section)
    Note: If you don't see the Social Profiles widget, drag it over from the "Available Widgets" section to the Header Right, a sidebar or a footer of your choice.

  3. Fill in any of the desired fields.
    • Title - Give an optional title. Example would be "Follow Me". (Hint: Sometimes the widget may look better without a title.)
    • Open links in new window? - It is a good idea to enable this so people can easily return to your website later.
    • Icon Set - Choose a set of icons. Note: You will have to save it and view your website from the public side to see what they look like.
    • Icon Size - Set the preferred size of the icons
    • URL Section - Enter the URL(s) for your various social profiles. If you leave a profile URL field blank, it will not be used.

  4. Click Savewidget.png at bottom when you are done. The Social Profiles Widget will show up immediately on your website.