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ClickSold User's Manual

Welcome to ClickSold's Help resource. Many of the answers to your questions can be found here.

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 The Basics

Orbgreen.png The ClickSold Panel

The ClickSold Panel is included when installed on a WordPress site. You can learn about it's menu and core functions here.

ClickSold's Menu Items:
(Click a option to see its functions)
Clicksold Menu.png

Brokerage websites will also receive:

Greenarrow.jpg Getting Started

Here are the 2 ways in which you may use ClickSold's products:

Method 1:

Install The ClickSold IDX Plugin
... onto an existing WordPress Website

Method 2:

Create a New Website
...through us for FREE!

The next crucial steps you should complete:

  1. Update Your Contact Information
  2. Add Your Profile Photo(s)
  3. Get Listings from Your MLS®
  4. Add Your Domain Name(s)

Wp.jpg WordPress Basics

How to add pages, blog entries, etc.

Upgradearrow.jpg Upgrading or Downgrading

Enjoy the best that ClickSold has to offer.

 Clicksold Dashboard

My Account

HOW TO. . .

My Domains

HOW TO. . .

My Listings

HOW TO. . .

My Clients

HOW TO. . .

My Team

HOW TO. . .

My Website

HOW TO. . .

My Email

HOW TO. . .

 Common Requests

Fire.jpg *HOT* Tips & Tricks

Bet you didn't know ClickSold was this flexible?
Social Media

Search Options


Widgetsicon.png Widgets

Cool stuff for your website.

Brokeragesicon.jpg Brokerage Websites

Websites for entire offices.

Basic tasks for Brokerages:

 Help and Support

Wrench.png Known Fixes

Solutions for common problems.

Seoicon.png SEO and Marketing

Guide to getting higher rankings in search engines such as Google, as well has how to generate more website leads.

Tsicon.jpg Troubleshooting

Many issues are preventable by using the correct software. Please attempt the following prior to Contacting Support:

  1. Java.pngUpdate Java
  2. Flash.pngUpdate Flash
  3. Restart browser & see if the issue is resolved. If not,
  4. Try using another web browser, such as
    Chrome.pngChrome Firefox.png Firefox

Contact.jpg Contact

Get in touch.

  • Please email any technical questions or concerns, bug reports, feedback, and feature requests to:
  • Alternatively, you may use
    ClickSold's Forum Support
  • For instant support, try the livechat in the top-right corner (available during business hours)