Why hasn’t Google indexed my site?

A website that ranks well in Google can generate tens of thousands of dollars every month, and be a valuable asset that a REALTORĀ® can sell to anyone. Here are the most common reasons why your website isn’t ranking:

1. Your Domain Name is Wrong

This is simple because there is only one right way to have a domain name: buy it and point it at your website. If you’re:

  • using domain masking, or
  • using domain re-writing, or
  • using a sub-domain


2. Your Website Sucks

Unlike domain names, there are many “right” ways of building websites that rank well in Google. Chances are that if:

  • you use WordPress, and
  • you have unique content, and
  • you have the right meta tags, and
  • you update your website frequently

then your website will probably rank sometime soon. Unfortunately, if:

  • you don’t use WordPress
  • you don’t have unique content
  • you haven’t updated it in the last month

then your website probably sucks and won’t ever rank.

3. You Have no Backlinks

Have you ever wondered how Google finds new websites? Here’s a link to their main patent that explains everything: Method for node ranking in a linked database.

The bottom line is that you need links from pages already ranking in Google’s index to your website before your website will rank itself.

How do I get backlinks?

Ask in our forum and I’ll tell you.

That’s it folks. I’ve seen and built several websites that rank well and generate lots of revenue within months. It’s not rocket science, but does require a little more than absolutely no effort.

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