Now Edit In-Page

Sick of not being able to see what your new blog post or page looks like while you’re typing it? So are we… That’s why we’ve added a feature for you to edit your website content in-page!

“What? AWESOME! How do I experience this magic?”

Well, it’s tragically simple: just log into your ClickSold account, navigate to the page you want to edit, and roll your mouse over the content you wish to change. You’ll see an “Edit” button pop up beside your content, just like in the image below:

The Small Edit Button is on the Left

Okay – that was pretty straightforward. Now you just need to click on the “Edit” button and, after a short loading time, your content will re-appear in an editable text area. Here’s what it’ll look like:

Now You're Editing!

When you’re finished editing, just click “Save” on the small editing panel. You’re done. Enjoy!

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