New WordPress Website Theme – Introducing Anon



For a long time now, we have been wanting to create a product that would not only render top quality websites for our clients, but also have the capacity to do so without excessive third-party involvement. We want our clients to feel empowered and capable of running their own Real Estate website on a site that is both stylish and user friendly.  How were we going to do this? We summoned all our resources, put on our sweatpants, ordered copious amounts of takeout and sat down behind our monitors (as tech nerds tend to do) and worked on bringing you this brand new, state of the art WordPress template for Real Estate professionals – Anon.



How is this template different you ask?

1. It’s made up of a parent template Anon  and 4 child templates:

  • Brio
  • Calm
  • Diverse
  • Exquisite

2. Both the parent template and all child templates are customizable, allowing for personal branding. In fact, we highly encourage getting creative!

3. It’s responsive! Seamlessly adjusts to the size of any device it’s being viewed on. That includes desktop, laptop, iPad and mobile. There is also a mobile version of the website that has location-based listing mapping technology. Your clients can visit your website wherever they are and view listings in the area.




4. The content editor is embedded directly onto the site which facilitates the editing process and allows you to view changes as you make them.

5. The template includes an array of plug-ins and features that have been thoughtfully placed for optimum use. This includes an end-to-end rotating banner with full-screen images and an integrated search bar. We recommend using high resolution stock photos to add visual impact value to your site. Here are some helpful resources:


Key Features:

  1. Agent or team image section with introduction. Do you have a recent team photo or headshot? Introduce yourself here and link it to the about me page.Screenshot 2015-10-23 16.46.31
  2. Neatly laid out call-to-action buttons. How do you want your visitors to interact with your content? Direct them to lead capturing forms or custom pages by adding links.Screenshot 2015-10-23 16.46.54
  3. Featured Listings widget, allows you hand pick listings you want to showcase on your homepage and encourage your clients to navigate through all the listings on your site.Screenshot 2015-10-23 16.47.10
  4. Testimonials section: You’ve work hard and you earned bragging rights, flaunt what your happy clients have to say about you.

Screenshot 2015-10-23 16.47.28

We are proud to make this possible for our current and future clients. The best part? There’s more to come, this templates is the first pillar of a series of cutting edge products and services that we are working on. To find out how you can start using this template for your business today please let us know here.


Best Realtor® resources for your NEW ClickSold Website

So you’ve just finished setting up your first ClickSold website and wonder what else you can do with it? Here are some resources to reap the benefits of your ClickSold site.




Contact Form 7

Have you always wanted a contact form on your site that you want potential home buyers or home sellers contact you with? Contact Form 7 is a fully customizable contact form plug-in that allows just that! Best paired up with the Configure SMTP plug-in to configure your SMTP settings or send through Gmail.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a static caching plug-in that generates HTML. This helps your site load faster as it stores a light memory in your browser. After an HTML file is generated on your ClickSold site the webserver will override the HTML file rather than processing the heavier and bandwidth costing WordPress PHP Scripts.

Visual Composer

This is probably our favorite plug-in yet, If you’re a visual person who has to edit some content on your ClickSold site, this plug-in enables you to edit your content in place.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most complete WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin that exists today for users. It incorporates everything from a Google search preview and in-page analysis that helps you optimize your pages content, images titles, meta descriptions and submit XML sitemaps. It helps you to write better content with the built-in content analysis function, and easily optimize your site’s titles and descriptions for Google.




I’m not sure how you can’t be happy with our theme selection but just in case here are some sites where you can purchase more themes.

Now Edit In-Page

Sick of not being able to see what your new blog post or page looks like while you’re typing it? So are we… That’s why we’ve added a feature for you to edit your website content in-page!

“What? AWESOME! How do I experience this magic?”

Well, it’s tragically simple: just log into your ClickSold account, navigate to the page you want to edit, and roll your mouse over the content you wish to change. You’ll see an “Edit” button pop up beside your content, just like in the image below:

The Small Edit Button is on the Left

Okay – that was pretty straightforward. Now you just need to click on the “Edit” button and, after a short loading time, your content will re-appear in an editable text area. Here’s what it’ll look like:

Now You're Editing!

When you’re finished editing, just click “Save” on the small editing panel. You’re done. Enjoy!