How To Generate More Leads From Your Website

Generate business online with a lead capturing website. More than just an online business card, your website defines your brand. Sellers want to see their property marketed on multiple platforms. Buyers want an easy way of searching for properties online. When your listings are featured on your website, search engines will pick up the address and direct traffic to your website. A beautiful website with great content will set you apart.


Our Websites

Our Real Estate IDX imports your listings automatically. ClickSold’s servers connect with the MLS every hour to import listings. You can design custom neighbourhood searches that are optimized for Search Engines to generate traffic to your website.


We Have

ClickSold has intuitive Search Engine Optimization features that will help your website rank higher in Google Searches. SEO is essential to bringing your website to page one. I can help you better understand the basics of page titles, meta tags, and descriptions.


We Offer

We’re industry leaders in customer support satisfaction. Our team in Vancouver, BC is here to help guide you. We’re online 16 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you’re looking to reach one of our representatives, contact us today.



Responsive design that works on any device

Mobile Real Estate searches have increased by 40% since 2012. Our websites have a location mapping feature so that users can find their location and view listings in the area. All of our custom design transitions flawlessly on iPad and mobile devices. We can hide sections that are less relevant and highlight whats important for quick browsing.

WordPress is trusted by millions worldwide

WordPress is one of the most powerful and graphically stunning content management platforms. Its fast to learn, and easy to use. Our support team will teach you and your associates how to use your website. Once your website is up and running, you can add new pages or use the in-page editor to change existing content.

Unlimited colors, layouts & styles

Your options are endless when it comes to the look and feel of your website. We are experienced in custom features and our programmers can build to your specification. After your site is live, you can change the colours and headings in your theme settings. Visual Composer will change the content when you’re looking at the page.


See it from another view

From simple designs to full customization, we build powerful and elegant Real Estate websites for agents, teams, and offices around the world. Responsive design means your site provides all functionality in a sleek design that adapts to any device or screen size. We’re committed to providing our clients with new features and enhancements to engage site visitors and convert them to leads. Check out our portfolio of custom WordPress website design.

Why WordPress is the Best Platform for Realtors

Ability to customize.
ClickSold offers ready made website themes that are plug and play – you just choose your theme and off you go. You have the option to add a custom header and change the colour scheme as you wish. However, you’re not just stuck with just the themes we offer – if you find a particular theme that you really like but just want to make one or two tweaks, you absolutely can.

If you’re the visionary type, we can help make your dream site a reality. We offer completely custom website design packages. Check out some of these awesome custom sites here:

michele-defehr tan-team

You own it. There are many website providers for Realtors that make you build on their own proprietary software platform. The problem with this is that you don’t really own your website.  You can’t take it with you.  You can’t customize it to reflect your brand.  What happens to your website if that company goes out of business? When you build your site using WordPress you own it, can upgrade it, personalize it, and take it with you.

Trusted by millions Worldwide.  WordPress is one of the most easily used blogging platforms by new users. There isn’t much coding is required-if any. It boasts an intuitive content management system that anyone can learn to use. In fact, I taught myself how to use WordPress. Even technological dinosaurs can put new content on their website regularly without hassle. WordPress is a full blown content management system that makes it easy to add or update content to your website at any time, from anywhere. Add listings, post to your blog, edit the content on a page, you’re able to do it all. You don’t need a webmaster to make your updates. Best of all, our team at ClickSold includes a complete tutorial over the phone to make sure you’re comfortable using the WordPress backend.

Search Engine Optimization. WordPress is optimized for search engines out of the box. From day 1 to ranking number 1, your website will include all of the necessary components that Google and other search engines need to find and index your listings and web pages. As you probably already know, getting your website indexed by search engines like Google will lead to a steady stream of leads for years to come.  If your site isn’t optimized for search engines (and most real estate websites aren’t), then you’re missing out on receiving genuine leads from interested buyers. Soon, you’ll notice that your blog starts getting more traffic, and more and more people are visiting your site.

Beat the bots. Post your listing before it hits the MLS and beat the bots to page 1, number 1. Don’t let scraper Real Estate websites steal your listing’s leads. With the help of ClickSold and WordPress, we’ll help your listing get to the top where it belongs.